Do I need to pay extra?

No. Our system is payment one time and you can update free.

Can I switch to another license later?

No, this is not possible. If you need the extended license later you need to buy a new license.

Can I buy an extended license and include it in my item that I am going to sell on the envato marketplaces or our site?

NO. I do not allow that.

Since the last license changes, you have to ask for the author permission first, if you would like to sell another envato item with your envato item.
More information about that, you can find here.

Regular & Extended Licenses

  1. Regular License: You only install and use one domain.
  2. Extended License: You can use on more domain but you can’t re-sell plugin.

Note: All license allow you can add, sell unlimited product t-shirt, phone case, mugs…

License of plugin

You can install plugin (module) on one domain and design unlimited products.