Add New Product Design


Now for the fun stuff, adding your products! Products are what are for sale in your store (e.g. T-shirt). Adding products to your store is the first step in selling online.

You can add and any products type: T-shirt/apparel designer, Sign board designer, Stamp designer, Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop skin, bottle label designer, Bags, Stickers/Label Designer.

Step by step of add new product design

Go to Catalog => Products => Add NewTshirtecommerce Product 3

You need enter product informations, then click to Tshirtecommerce Tab for create or select design template for this product.
Note: We have support Opencart Options from version 4.1.0
Tshirtecommerce Product

1.Click on “Change Product Design“, this menu allow add product design with two options:

  • View List Product Design: Allow you choose list product added, we have add some product demo, you only choose and use.
  • Create New Product Design: Allow you add new product design.

2.Click on “Design Template“, This product allow admin create product design with text, clipart and client can edit colors, text, clipart to buy. Note: you need added product design before add product template.

  • Admin design saved: System show list all design admin saved via design tool. You only click and choose design.
  • Clients design saved: System show all design of client. You only click and choose design.
  • Create new design: System show design tool, you can add text, clipart…

3.Clear: Remove data of product design


Create New Product Design


Tab “Product Info”

  • Product Size info: show info of product with width, height. This info help client easy choose size.
  • General Tab: The General tab allows you to manage stock for the product individually.
    1. Print type: Select the method used to print your product such as Screen Printing, DTG Printing, Sublimation Printing and Embroidery. If you using other printing, you can add new printing type
      Note: Printing type is very important. System calculation price of printing basic on printing type. Read More
    2. Show attribute and color in page product detail: If you tick this checkbox, all info with colors, sizes and more options you added in tab “Attributes” will show in page product detail.
    3. Choose your taxes
    4. Add new price with quantity: System allow setup discount with quantity. Note Quantity Minimum start from 1.

      Quantity Minimum Quantity Maximum Price
      1 20 $20
      21 50 $18
      51 80 $15
      81 10000 $10
  • Order Tab: The Order tab is used to limit purchase quantity of each order. For example, customers only can purchase 10 items per order.
    1. Minimum Purchase Quantity
    2. Maximum Purchase Quantity


  • Attributes Tab: Here is where the variable products begin. Variable products can have multiple options, each of which may have a different price. For example, a t-shirt that is available in a variety of colors and sizes.
    • Step 1: Select Product Size from the drop down menu and click Add New to add a new size’s price.
    • Step 2: Input a title of size and its corresponding price. If you would like to remove any sizes, click the “delete” next to the term name.
    • Step 3: Make sure to click Add button, as these will not be visible on the attribute tab until you do so.


Tab “Product Design”

You can add product design with many colors, price extra of each color, setup image of product, area design…

  • Step 1: In Product Design tab, click “Add Color“.
  • Step 2: You can add a single color or mix color:
    • Single color: select a color from colors list or color hex
    • Mix color: click  to select multiple color hex
  • Step 3: Click on button “edit color & price extra“, the selected colors will be displayed as below. You can setup price extra of each product color, sort or remove product color.
  • Step 4: Click on Setup area design to setup design area.
    1. Click on image, area design to move or change size
    2. Tool help more area design or images
    3. Setup size of area design, you can use button “Locked” to only change width or height of area design.
    4. Change shapes of area design, if your site using other shape you can use addons mask. This addon allow you setup any shape with file PNG.
    5. You can add more image of product and build area design. You can remove or sort layers.