Installing Module

Do the following to install Prestashop Custom Product Designer:

Step 1: Extract the archive file on your machine that you’ve downloaded from CodeCanyon. We included installation packet and documents in this file. Please choose file and extract it to install.

Step 2: Upload all files and folders in module-tshirtecommerce-unzip-install folder that extracted above to your server via FTP:


Step 3: Login to Admin Panel of your site

Access to Modules and Services Menu, in Modules List, find to T-Shirt eCommerce module. Then click to Install button:


The Notice modal will display, you need click Proceed with the installation button:


This will display an alert when install completed:



Step 4: When completed install module, please clear cache and select Recompile templates if the files have been updated in back-office



Note: Some errors when installing module:

1/  When installing the module, you may encounter this error message: File too large (limit of ************ bytes)

Reason of the error: The problem comes from the value of your ‘upload_max_filesize’ variable that is not large enough compared to the module size.

To solve the problem, you can either :

  • Go to your FTP and increase the value of your ‘upload_max_filesize‘ variable in the file “/config/” or in the file “php.ini”  ini_set(‘upload_max_filesize’, ‘100M’);
  • Or install the module directly from your FTP, you just need to unzip the module zip file and copy/paste the folder “tshirtecommerce” inside the folder “modules” of your FTP (the module will appear in your back-office as soon as the module folder is added into the “modules” folder).