System supported languages: English, French, China, Germany, VietNam, Portugal, Netherlands, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Sweden.

Change Language Default

  1. Go to T-Shirt eCommerce > Settings > Languages
  2. Find your language and click button “default”


Note: If you use other language, you can easy add new language via this page

Add New Language

  • Click button + to add new language


  • Language name (2-100 characters)
  • Language code (2-6 characters)
  • Upload file image icon of language to folder: tshirtecommerce/addons/images/[language_code].png
  • Click button Save.

Translate or Change Language

You can also translate all texts available in add-ons or the whole your website via function Translate Language in menu Configuration.

Step 1: Go to Settings => Configuration => Translate Language as picture below

Step 2: Select an add-on to translate texts in the selected add-on. Skip this step if you want to translate texts in the whole your website.

Step 3: Select a language that you want to edit.

Step 4: Click on a text to edit.

Step 5: After editing, click on Save Languages to save the changes.


Plugin allow build website with multiple languages you can ON or OFF button change languages in page design tool.

  1. Go to T-Shirt ecommerce => Settings => Configuration => Config
  2. Find field “Allow client change languages“, change to YES or NO