Other Settings

Go to T-Shirt eCommerce > Settings > Configuration and change settings

Your Shop Info

This info will show when client share design. You can edit the way your website appear by editing your website SEO in Your Shop tab.

  • Site URL: the web address of your page.
  •  Site Name: the title of your page as it would appear on a search engine.
  •  Site Meta Description: a short snippet which appears underneath the Site Name on Google search results acts as a strong marketing message to encourage people to visit your website. Note that going over the character limit (20 words) might negatively affect your website SEO.
  •  Site Meta Keywords: tell search engines what the topic of your page is. These keywords separated with commas are supposed to be a brief and concise list of the most important themes of your page.

Upload Section

File Size: System supported upload with file PNG, JPG, GIF. You can change Minimum and Maximum of file upload. With this size, you can sure file output is High Quality.

Link of terms: This link show in box of upload photo.


Site Introduction

You can show or hide introduction or change text of introduction.