Updating module

August 26, 2021 T-Shirt eCommerce team 0

Opencart custom product designer allow you one click to update plugin in admin page. To use automatic update option you must have direct license for T-Shirt eCommerce and Verify purchased code.

Update plugin via admin page.

  1. Login to your website
  2. Go to  Tshirt eCommerce > Update.
  3. Click button “Update” of latest version.


Update through FTP

  1. First, login to CodeCanyon and under your profile click Downloads link.
  2. Re-download Plugin and extract it.
  3. Find file “opencart_update_xx.zip” and open it.
  4. Find folder with your opencart version.
  5. Open it.
  6. Open your favorite FTP application and connect to your server. Copy all files and folder on that and upload override on your host (folder opencart installed).