January 10, 2019 T-Shirt eCommerce team 0

Version 4.4.0 (December 21, 2018)


  1. Update new layout
  2. Change mobile layout
  3. Undo & Redo
  4. New design idea page. This page show more mockup with design template
  5. Automatic add one design to more products.
  6. View design template in page product detail and allow buy in this page.
  7. Quick edit text, photo in page product detail.
  8. Hotkeys undo & redo, delete, select all…
  9. Calculate price with acreage design square centimeter
  10. Calculate price with Sided
  11. Calculate price of one color/paper size
  12. Allow edit name of front, back, left, right with each product
  13. Add new design template
  14. Import product from https://9file.net products
  15. Create design template from file PSD, SVG
  16. Quick upload and import
  17. Compress css, javascript file.
  18. Import Free clipart & design template
  19. Add new hooks of addons


  1. Move all printing from settings to menu printing & prices
  2. Hide menu setting price
  3. Automatic update setting price from Woocommerce
  4. Conflict theme Flatsome
  5. and more bugs…