January 10, 2019 T-Shirt eCommerce team 0

Version 4.4.1 (10 January 2019)


  1. Error on PHP 7.2
  2. More bugs of layout default and editor
  3. Not update price when use WWW in URL
  4. Load design idea in page design idea and page product detail with design idea
  5. Quick edit design template on page product detail
  6. Download design template from “get a quote” add-on
  7. Missing icon on admin media
  8. Missing more image of css in admin page.
  9. Variable undefined when create new product
  10. Hidden layers on page design
  11. Missing button select All
  12. Does not display price of arts list
  13. Missing button more design on ideas modal
  14. Mobile – cannot close Categories panel on Design Ideas
  15. Thumb does not display on product detail with design template
  16. Cannot download design with add-on design manage