Install new addon

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Install new Addon via admin page

  1. Download addon and copy  key
  2. Go to T-Shirt eCommerce > Addons > Add newinstall-addons
  3. Choose your file download and enter key
  4. Click button “install Now

If your server not supported unzip or write file, you can’t install via admin and please install via FTP.

Install Addon via FTP

  1. Download addon and copy  key
  2. Unzip this file to your computer
  3. Open file tshirtecommerce/addon/install/addon_name.json with Notepad
  4. Find line “key”: “” and change to “key”: “Your_key”
        "name": "addon name",
        "key": "Add-Your-Key-Here",
        "description": "addon description",
  5. Use FTP software and upload folder unzip to main folder of your site (default is public_html)

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