January 14, 2018 T-Shirt eCommerce team 0


  1. Login, save design with user of WordPress
  2. Theme system of design tool and allow change layout in admin page
  3. Change layout of design tool
  4. Allow add printing type and setup price with text, color, size, fixed…
  5. Allow edit design in page cart, order and re-order
  6. Change “Buy Now” to “Add to cart”
  7. Show info of client and email order
  8. Support client download file design
  9. Show product colors, list attribute in page product detail
  10. Sort color of product design in admin page
  11. Allow setup loading when load page design
  12. Show price detail with each item
  13. View detail of price printing

Fixed Bugs

  1. Download file PDF, PNG with 300PDI
  2. Size of file output same file size config of area design
  3. Server not support cgi.fix_pathinfo
  4. Server not support file_get_contents
  5. And more bugs…