Option price is fixed with each front, back, left, right

August 27, 2021 T-Shirt eCommerce team 0

Allow price fixed with each view (front, back, left, right) of product design. Price not change when add one or more item on area design. Where I can see this option?


  1. Choose printing type: “Price Fixed”.
  2. You can setup price on each views (front, back, left, right) or all views
  3. Price extra of printing
  4. Click on each view to setup price detail.
  5. Add price one each views of quantity products.

Example: If you setup price with:

  1. Setup price with each view: NO
  2. Extra Price: +10$
  3. Prices same on all views
Products Price
5 2
10 1


If client only design front and buy 4 products.

Price Printing = ( $2  x 4 products ) + $10 extra

If client only design front, back and buy 20 products.

Price Printing = ( $1 of front + $1 of back )  x  20 products + $10 extra