Add new language

August 25, 2021 T-Shirt eCommerce team 0

We support over  10 languages in default plugins, they are: English, French, Portuguese, Spain, Chinese, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Swedish, Czech republic, Slovenian, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Deutsch

If you can’t find your language in above list, please follow these step to add your language in plugin

Step 1: Add new language

From Product designer menu, choose Dashboard -> Settings – > Languages. Click on “add new” button


When popup window open, please fill all necessary information and click ” save”


Step 2: Translate/ Edit language

After add your new language, you need translate from English for using

From Product designer menu click Dashboard -> settings -> configuration . Find and click on ” translate language” tab



In translating window, choose your language and start translating by edit on each line. Click “save language ” and click save to finish